One Mail

One Mail 1.01

Synchronize your PDA with GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail accounts

With onemail, getting your MS Exchange, GMail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Hotmail to your PDA has never been easier! Easy to setup, No email reader required on the desktop.

Features of OneMail include:

  • onemail is simple to setup and no email reader is required.
  • As there is no setup of email client nor involves other complicated process, it is a no-brainer download experience for any users!
  • Just tap on the 'Hotsync' button, it retrieves your MS Exchange, GMail, AOL Mail, YahooMail, HotMail, IMAP, POP, SSL POP Mail, MSN Mail and your favorite WebPages directly to the PDA in seconds. No email reader, such as Outlook or Eudora, is required. It's quick and easy!

A popular solution for syncing with your webmail accounts.

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One Mail


One Mail 1.01

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